Volvo Project Development Excellence – 2017

Development of Frames for new models launched by Volvo in compactor section. We developed the tooling for the same within a record time of 3 weeks and ramped up the production in 2 weeks.

We had quick turn around time in implementing the changes in the course of development and supported Volvo in the meeting the product launch date.

Volvo Quality Performance - 2016

Volvo has chosen AMD as best supplier for the March 16 considering supplies of all parts with 0 defect.

Volvo Delivery Excellence - 2016

We ramped up the production of paver frames of both wheel and track with sudden spurt in Volvo volumes without compromising on delivery targets.

Volvo Supplier of the Month Aug - 2014

We developed SD110 Main Frame and ramped up its production in a month's time. We simultaneously Maintained 100% Delivery Performance and 0 PPM for the month of Aug 14.

Terex Best Supplier for Quality & Delivery - 2011

Terex was our first customer in crushing equipment machine segment. We started receiving the RFQ in Dec 2010 and the part got developed with short period at first shot. By 2011 we increased the volume by 300%.

All the parts developed in single shot and we met customer delivery dates with 0 rejections. One of new supplier to Terex who could deliver the right part at right time.

Caterpillar Supplier Welding Competition - 2013

Over the last few years Caterpillar has significantly increased the volume of welded fabrications procured from suppliers. The quality of the welding on these components has a direct impact on product performance/reliability, warranty claims, and customer perception. To promote advancement of welding CAT team host competitive welding events that included employees from suppliers and Caterpillar facilities. In addition, Caterpillar engineers from Caterpillar global facilities were involved to help judge the competitions.

The competition questions were developed from common defects of the suppliers' daily production and were focused on tactical skills. Having suppliers and Caterpillar employees compete on the same stage provided welders the opportunity to learn from each other, therefore improving product quality throughout the value chain. Our Welders have received awards, pointing towards our focus on constantly improving the working skills of our workforce through organised Training and Development.

CAT Supplier Quality Excellence Process Bronze Certification since - 2012

Caterpillar’s core suppliers are those that are categorized as Strategic, Collaborative, Preferred or Emerging.

CAT recognize those supplier’s who are utilizing systems and processes that produce results that meet/exceed Caterpillar expectations.

According to definitions established by Global Purchasing Supplier Relation Management team, this will play an integral role in driving a "Zero-Defect" processes and culture.