How We Work – Structures

Design and BOM Process

Convert GA drawing to fabrication drawing & DXF – Tool via Tekla

Organized Material Yard

Material receipt and traceability along with Full proof Inspection.

Stored as per different Grades, Thicknesses, Plate Number & Heat number enabling complete traceability of raw material.

Organized material Yard for Pipe and Structural Racks.

Plates are physically inspected by Quality.


CNC cutting, Oxy Cutting: Upto 8 torches

Plasma Cutting: Upto 2 torches 1000mm/min

Cutting Bed’s: 30m x 7m

Large Bed Helps in Reduction of loading time.

Cutting team inspects parts for dimension check.

Butt Welding and NDT

Butt welding – 2830 butt joints since last RT failure.

Ultrasonic Non–Destructive Testing to ensure soundness of Weld Joint.

Stress Relieving

Thickness Range = 130mm (Max).

Total Joints Handled = 2 Nos. with Temperature Controller & Automatic Instant chart Recorder.

Fitup I - structure

Plate fit–up – 6 to 8 I fit ups per shift.

Fitup + - structure

Plus/star fit up - 3 to 4 + fit ups per shift


I/Plus Welding @ 2000mm/min with 4 simultaneous torches & hydraulic straightening

Warpage Removal

Warpage removal: Handling Capacity of Flanges upto 50mm thick 1m width with hydraulic Pressure

CNC 3-Axis Drilling

Bed Size = 19 L X 1.8 W x 1.8 H Meters.

Drilling Diameter = 50mm x 3 Nos. Spindle.

One of the largest drilling machine sizes in India.

For Bolted Structures

Blasting with a purpose of best paint quality

Grit Blasted 2.5 SA roughness attained for good final Paint Quality


Ready to Erect Painted Structures with stenciled part and destination details.

Process – Paint Thickness Checking after Painting ensuring Uniform Quality Painted Structures