How We Work – Yellow Goods

Design and BOM Process

Solid model done as per the approved drawing to know the mandatory engineering parameters i.e Cut weight, Net weight, Perimeter, surface area, development length of bend parts, etc.

From Part model to DXF conversion for Nesting to make CNC cutting Program (DXF customization to be done for machining requirements)

Organized Material Yard

Material receipt and traceability along with Full proof Inspection.

Stored as per different Grades, Thicknesses, Plate Number & Heat number enabling complete traceability of raw material.

Organized material Yard for Pipe and Structural Racks

Plates are physically inspected by Quality.

Shot Blasting

The surface of the steel plate/sheet is bombarded with grit and metal shots to remove surface scales and other surface defects, if any, and provide the required surface finish to our customers.


CNC cutting

Oxy Cutting: Up to 8 torches We Cut even complicated profiles with CNC Oxy Cutting Process.

Laser Cutting: Bed Size; Length = 3000mm & Width = 1500mm. Thickness = 1 to 16mm.

The Laser process is specialized on thicknesses of 2mm to 20mm.

Automatic Bed Changing helps in increasing the productivity of cutting.

CNC Machining

Vertical Machining Centres of various sizes.

The machining centers have capability to provide machining accuracy to a level of 10^-8 m

Bending Press

Parts can be bent into shape, along multiples axis. The max. bend length is 4000mm, and the pressure capacity is 300MT.

Painted Parts

Ready to assemble Painted Parts